Evaluation Process


The evaluation process includes an initial telephone screening, diagnostic interview, consultations with support providers and classroom observation (if relevant and with permission), in-office testing, follow-up feedback session with recommendations, and a comprehensive and detailed written report. The results from the evaluation provide an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of strengths and challenges and offers specific guidance for addressing areas of concern, advancing toward achieving one’s potential.


Assessments may include tests of intellectual functioning, academic achievement, language (and foreign language aptitude, if relevant), information processing and processing speed, learning and memory, visual-perceptual-motor, attention and executive functioning, social development, behavior, and emotional functioning. Parent, teacher, and/or self-rated behavioral questionnaires assessing a range of neuropsychological and psychological functions may be included. Classroom observations are sometimes included to assess behavior, learning, attention and regulation, and social skills in an environment that cannot be assessed in the testing office. Consultations with other service providers (e.g. tutors/learning specialists; speech/language or occupational therapists; teachers or academic faculty; psychiatrists/psychologists; pediatricians, neurologists, other physicians; legal consultants) are initiated, as relevant and as permitted.




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