Neuro-psychological Evaluation

Concetta M. DeCaria, Ph.D. offers premier neuro-psychological evaluation services. We can help you with many different forms of therapy. If you are located in the area of Bronx, NY, look no further than us for your therapy needs. We promise to get you the type of results that you have always been looking for. We can get you the help that you need with the testing accommodations that you are seeking. No matter what type of therapy you are searching for, you can look to us for the professional psychological help that you need. We have the experience that you would want. Whether it relates to learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder, contact us. 

If you would like to learn more about our testing accommodations, feel free to give us a call. Over the years we have been exposed to a wide range of different sorts of issues. Those issues have included many of the most common ailments that we face in the modern world. Even though New York is a prosperous state, many of the residents are still prone to depression and vicious anxiety. If you relate to any of these issues, then stop living with them. Contact Concetta M. DeCaria, Ph.D. to help you get out and live a more enjoyable life. We take pride in helping the Bronx, NY people get over any mental issues that they are currently going through. With the correct help, anything is possible to overcome. If you are interested in learning more about our practices, then give us a call at the time of your convenience. We would be more than glad to answer all of your questions. If you are ready to get started, schedule an appointment with us. We are confident that you will begin to see improvements soon.

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